Signal Books

Established in the Spring of 2011, Signal Books, a new imprint from McClelland & Stewart, is dedicated to the power of ideas and original thinking. Featuring politics, religion, culture, history, business, and the environment, Signal will publish Canadian and international authors with the intention of sparking debate and furthering the collective understanding about Canada and the world. is for readers looking to engage with others about the original and controversial ideas found in the Signal imprint. Here, you will find videos and discussion boards designed to facilitate debate and provide for ongoing dialogue.

President and Publisher Doug Pepper said this of the new imprint: “Our goal with Signal is to publish creative, daring, and intellectually significant works of non-fiction that stir the pot and raise our awareness of the most important issues of the day. As book publishing changes, so must publishers, and with the creation of this new imprint we are establishing a platform to not only publish great books but to extend their reach through digital- and event-based marketing.”

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Studies in Religion