Knopf Canada

Alfred A. Knopf Canada - familiarly known as Knopf Canada - is one of the premier publishers in the country for fiction and non-fiction, publishing some of the most compelling books of our time. Its commitment to quality writing, good storytelling, big ideas and books that help move our society forward - as well as its core belief that good books deserve a wide readership and commercial success - has never wavered. The writer and the reader together are at the heart of Knopf Canada’s success.  

In the years ahead, Knopf Canada pledges to continue publishing works marked by good writing, and original, intelligent perspectives fostering compelling books with vital roles to play in our everyday lives and in shaping our cultural and social vision.

Knopf Canada Fall 2012

Cloud Atlas

Knopf Canada Spring & Summer 2012

Joseph Anton

Award-Winning Books from Knopf Canada

Sweet Tooth

Featured Author: Gail Anderson-Dargatz

In One Person

Kurt Wallander Mysteries


Alcuin Award-Winning Knopf Canada Books

Lionel Asbo

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series


Short Stories from Knopf Canada

Vaclav & Lena

Featured Author: Wayne Johnston

Fall on Your Knees
Mister Pip
The Hollow Tree
Nigella Bites