| 18.08.14
Cyberabusers— RIP trolls—have pushed Zelda Williams away from social media. But trolling highlights social problems that require a dialogue, and a terrain infested with such vitriol needs people like Zelda.
| 14.08.14
Tupac Shakur’s work is as resonant today—days after a police officer shot Michael Brown and left his body in the street—as it was then: an indicator of still-grim realities.

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| 11.08.14
Hazlitt drops in on Nick Harkaway, née Nicholas Cornwell, at his London local. Discussed: his new novel Tigerman , writing as a compressed statement of identity, and the anxieties of paternal influence.
| 07.08.14
Animator-turned-comic artist Emily Carroll’s debut book, Through the Woods , is steeped in fatalism, full of doomed characters who often feel deserving of the grisly punishment coming their way. The stories are personal, in other words.
|| The 1968 adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
| 06.08.14
Does art have to be relatable—does it have to mean anything—to be any good? Maybe not at all, as Ira Glass’s rash tweet—and a short novel by Penelope Fitzgerald—reminds us.
|| Illustration by Lola Landekic
| 05.06.14
From the ongoing series Tabloid Fiction—in which an author chooses from the trashiest, most lurid, or just bizarre stories of the moment and writes a short story inspired by same. The following is a work of fiction.
||Pelé at the 1970 World Cup.
| 13.06.14

An excerpt from The Feint, originally published in Brazil as O Drible. An ailing 80-year-old sports columnist tries to build bridges with his estranged son, while remembering the golden age of Brazilian football. Translated by Lisa Shaw.

| 05.08.14
The yellow-suited detective once starred in America’s favourite comic strip. He’s still alive—but is he vital? The story of how an icon of the American Establishment became a kitsch artifact.
| 01.08.14
The luxury cruise is, often, a vacation to be endured: the rigid structure, embarrassing pampering, forced interaction, and, more than anything, terrible predictability of it all. What could compel a person to keep shipping out, year after year?
|| The 1976 cover of Marian Engel's Bear
| 31.07.14
In 1976, Marian Engel won the Governor General’s award for her novel, Bear . It is, in many ways, about a woman who has sex with a bear. But beyond the bestiality, Bear is a book about unrequited love, sexual empowerment, and being one with nature.
| 31.07.14
Marian Engel’s Bear was an award-winning Canadian novel relegated to the darkest recesses of literary history. But the Internet never forgets, and so to celebrate its return, we asked five illustrators to re-imagine the novel’s startling cover.
||Eddy Merckx
| 12.06.13
The story of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong isn’t just about the greatest doping conspiracy in sports history—it’s about the nature of corruption. In this excerpt from Braking Bad: Chasing Lance Armstrong and the Cancer of Corruption , author Richard Poplak asks what kind of man is best fit to excel at the Tour de France.
| | Christopher Drost
| 08.11.12
In many ways, Rob Ford is a study in absences. He came into office looking like a man who would galvanize the city. He promised to stage a winner-takes-all battle between city and suburb, a grand contest of ideas between socialists and conservatives. As it turned out, he wasn’t so much with the ideas. He seems forever stuck at half-a-Dale Carnegie: he can make friends, but not influence people.
| 10.08.14

I made a diorama of your eye exam from scratch

and sniff stickers, the colonel’s favourite private

stash of weed for shrubbery. Broccoli hedges

my bets with Realism. Gallery-goers caught a rash

of suicides on their car roofs opening night. Art is Art

Garfunkel’s archnemesis. Paratroopers falling

on hard times were hired as security forces

us to take it easy. If I said I had a vision I was lying

zip-tied in a sea chest. A diorama of what the carpenters saw

in half the magician’s chests: a top hat, a hare, a cape

freighters of dream catchers couldn’t round due to a raft

of shootings off the promontory. The cape I used

to get away with. I haven’t jerked off since you left

the stove on. A diorama of you in boots and bustier

than in Reality, crossing off a love list chore with a fire poker,

coveting your optometrist because your eye had this

burnt... Read more

| 30.07.14
Like sex, science sells, and craft brewers have used it to give their concoctions a sense of handmade authenticity, as Adam Rogers writes in his new book, Proof: The Science of Booze . But are mass-market beverages made with any less care?
|| Nick Nolte as Lionel Dobie in 1989's New York Stories
| 29.07.14
At the heart of Siri Hustvedt’s recent novel, The Blazing World , is a work of art conjured up for the story itself. Would the Man Booker-shortlisted book have been as successful if this fictitious exhibition didn’t seem real enough for our own world?
| 24.07.14
From the rat’s nest of a Lower East Side studio of Stranger Than Paradise to the … rat’s-nest of a crumbling Detroit mansion of Only Lovers Left Alive , Jarmusch’s work always feels vaguely familiar—and yet, not quite like anything else.
||Guy Debord
| 24.07.14
Guy Debord, the prime mover behind the Situationist International, died 20 years ago this year. His legacy is more relevant than ever.

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|| 1993's Tour de France via Flickr user ta_do
| 23.07.14

Dutch writer, competitive cyclist, and chess master Tim Krabbé understands that, to win the Tour de France, you must beat the Devil.