| 01.08.14
The luxury cruise is, often, a vacation to be endured: the rigid structure, embarrassing pampering, forced interaction, and, more than anything, terrible predictability of it all. What could compel a person to keep shipping out, year after year?
|| The 1976 cover of Marian Engel's Bear
| 31.07.14
In 1976, Marian Engel won the Governor General’s award for her novel, Bear . It is, in many ways, about a woman who has sex with a bear. But beyond the bestiality, Bear is a book about unrequited love, sexual empowerment, and being one with nature.

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| 31.07.14
Marian Engel’s Bear was an award-winning Canadian novel relegated to the darkest recesses of literary history. But the Internet never forgets, and so to celebrate its return, we asked five illustrators to re-imagine the novel’s startling cover.
| 30.07.14
Like sex, science sells, and craft brewers have used it to give their concoctions a sense of handmade authenticity, as Adam Rogers writes in his new book, Proof: The Science of Booze . But are mass-market beverages made with any less care?
|| Nick Nolte as Lionel Dobie in 1989's New York Stories
| 29.07.14
At the heart of Siri Hustvedt’s recent novel, The Blazing World , is a work of art conjured up for the story itself. Would the Man Booker-shortlisted book have been as successful if this fictitious exhibition didn’t seem real enough for our own world?
|| Illustration by Lola Landekic
| 05.06.14
From the ongoing series Tabloid Fiction—in which an author chooses from the trashiest, most lurid, or just bizarre stories of the moment and writes a short story inspired by same. The following is a work of fiction.
||Pelé at the 1970 World Cup.
| 13.06.14

An excerpt from The Feint, originally published in Brazil as O Drible. An ailing 80-year-old sports columnist tries to build bridges with his estranged son, while remembering the golden age of Brazilian football. Translated by Lisa Shaw.

| 28.07.14
Fun is many things: youthful rebellion, civic duty, blue wig. And thanks to its hazy definition, fun can feel like an obligation you’re failing to meet. John Beckman’s American Fun helps explain why fun has us so perplexed.
| 24.07.14
From the rat’s nest of a Lower East Side studio of Stranger Than Paradise to the … rat’s-nest of a crumbling Detroit mansion of Only Lovers Left Alive , Jarmusch’s work always feels vaguely familiar—and yet, not quite like anything else.
||Guy Debord
| 24.07.14
Guy Debord, the prime mover behind the Situationist International, died 20 years ago this year. His legacy is more relevant than ever.
||Eddy Merckx
| 12.06.13
The story of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong isn’t just about the greatest doping conspiracy in sports history—it’s about the nature of corruption. In this excerpt from Braking Bad: Chasing Lance Armstrong and the Cancer of Corruption , author Richard Poplak asks what kind of man is best fit to excel at the Tour de France.
| | Christopher Drost
| 08.11.12
In many ways, Rob Ford is a study in absences. He came into office looking like a man who would galvanize the city. He promised to stage a winner-takes-all battle between city and suburb, a grand contest of ideas between socialists and conservatives. As it turned out, he wasn’t so much with the ideas. He seems forever stuck at half-a-Dale Carnegie: he can make friends, but not influence people.
| 21.07.14

C’est le repose clear, not fever, not languor,
sur le, on the, l’ami, friend, Lamia, send me
more to aim at, come. Le deux extremes of
the room and the cold dream inside it. Du
foyer noir, black sun, black hearth. L’aimée.
The wreathèd vale. The entombed. Are you here?

She lies on the black water, a fantôme white.
The red-gold hair, the red-gold hair, the fleur
of the fleuve, the fleurs there. Attend the sad
air’s murmurs, the vast front of all that is bare.
Je sais, the white snow lay fair round full, black
pond. O could a river end here.

Extract the bared, fallen leaves. The cold pressed,
is enough to, la jeunesse, to have it all in sight
and just see the clear snow gently... Read more

|| Author Shani Mootoo
| 22.07.14
An interview with the Giller Prize finalist on role models and finding your authentic self.
| 21.07.14
Comedy writers—including some of those featured in Mike Sacks’ new Poking a Dead Frog —used to worry that connectedness would kill the sitcom. But if old sitcoms were about the scarcity of information, today’s are about too much.
| 15.07.14
Twenty-five years ago, Bo Jackson famously hit a lead-off bomb in the 1989 All-Star Game just before his first Nike commercial aired. This excerpt from Michael Weinreb’s Bigger Than the Game: Bo, Boz, the Punky QB , and How the ’80s Created the Modern Athlete tells the story behind the campaign.
|| Grace Coolidge and Helen Keller
| 14.07.14
All faces are lies—we adjust them to match the selves we want to present—but the faces of the blind show the difference between what we perceive and what is there.

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| 11.07.14

As the World Cup winds down, the inquest into the Hillsborough disaster that killed 96 football supporters continues in England. Bill Buford reported on the tragedy in his 1990 classic Among the Thugs, excerpted here.