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Librarian Services allows librarians to get more information about Random House books and services.

Library Hotlist

Each season, we create a Hotlist of our picks of the best books for the library market. If you’d like to request a hard copy, please contact Patricia Wardell at (905) 624-0672 x806491.

Digital Files

Find out how to get digital files including promotional material such as:

Bibliographic information

Cover images

Descriptive copy

Author biographies

Online Catalogue

Need to check whether a book is in print or verify a cover? Visit our searchable catalogue of titles published and distributed by Random House in Canada.

Reading Group Guides

Available to libraries at no cost.

Ordering Information

For information on ordering books, please contact Patricia Wardell at (905) 624-0672 x806491.

Contact The Library Department

For inquires about books, contact Lahring Tribe at (905) 624 0672 x802224.

For any other inquiries, contact Patricia Wardell at (905) 624 0672 x806491.

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Need to know more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or find out how to contact Random House of Canada.