Hazlitt Originals

by Ivor Tossell
by Alistair MacLeod
by Richard Poplak
by Patrick Graham
The Gift of Ford
| | Christopher Drost
In many ways, Rob Ford is a study in absences. He came into office looking like a man who would galvanize the city. He promised to stage a winner-takes-all battle between city and suburb, a grand contest of ideas between socialists and conservatives. As it turned out, he wasn’t so much with the ideas. He seems forever stuck at half-a-Dale Carnegie: he can make friends, but not influence people.
Braking Bad
You Aren't What You Eat
| | Michael Takasaki
We have become obsessed by food: where it comes from, where to buy it, how to cook it and—most absurdly of all—how to eat it. When did the basic human imperative to feed ourselves mutate into such a multitude of anxieties about provenance, ethics, health, lifestyle and class status?
The Man Who Went to War