Canadian Living: The International Collection

Home-Cooked Meals From Around the World

International cooking has never been hotter. And Canadian Living, the authority on cooking in Canada, offers a new collection of recipes that bring global flavours to the North American table using easy-to-find ingredients and simple home-cooking techniques.

Home cooks have increasingly cosmopolitan tastes, and their tables reflect a growing emphasis on tasty dishes from many cultures. Whether they’re entertaining or tossing together a simple weeknight meal, cooks want flavourful recipes that reflect the multicultural fabric of our nation. But they don’t want the hassle of sourcing and buying a million different niche ingredients to add to their pantries.

The International Collection solves this challenge by offering easy-to-prepare dishes that use common foods. It also offers everyday supermarket substitutions for ethnic market ingredients and makes cooking global fare simple without sacrificing taste.

• 6 recipe chapters, each focused on a single food category: appetizers, soups, mains, baked goods and desserts
• Dishes from around the world, including Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Thai and many more
• 70+ colour photographs
• Helpful sidebars and tips sprinkled throughout
• Simple substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients
• Buying information and advice on specialty ingredients

Chapters Include

1. Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres
2. Soups & Salads
3. Everyday Mains
4. Entertaining Mains
5. Breads, Rolls and Quick Breads
6. Desserts

• Tested-Till-Perfect recipes.
• Recipes for every course, from appetizers to desserts.
• Written for home cooks, with a focus on clarity for easy, no-stress preparation.
• Canadian sources, products and typical home-cooking techniques.
• Simple substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients, without sacrificing flavour.
• Inspiring full-colour photos.
• Recipes reflect Canadian multiculturalism, with a broad spectrum of dishes inspired by different groups and traditions.
• Full nutrient analysis of each recipe.
• Added-value from cover to cover: full index, family-friendly recipes, plenty of tips and helpful advice.
• Reputation of The Canadian Living Test Kitchen’s food experts.