The Leopard

Harry Hole is back and this time he’s back from very, very far away. Another gripping instalment in this prize-winning and acclaimed series by the internationally #1 bestselling crime writer in Norway.

Two women are found murdered in Oslo — both of them have drowned in their own blood. What mystifies the police is that the puncture wounds in the victims’ faces have been caused from the inside of their mouths. Kaja Solness from Homicide is sent to Hong Kong to track down a man who is the Oslo Police Department’s only specialist on serial killings. The severely addicted detective has tried to disappear in the vast, anonymous city. He is on the run and haunted by his last case, the woman he loves, and creditors alike. His name is Harry Hole.


If you feel that personal responsibility, cracks in the welfare state and the problems of parenthood are fair game for the crime novel, then Jo Nesbø is your man… . If, however, your taste is for tough and gritty narratives with a relentlessly page-turning quality, well … Jo Nesbø is still your man. That he is able to combine the urgency of the best storytellers with a keen and intelligent engagement with social issues may well be the reason why Nesbø is shaping up to be the next big name in Scandinavian crime fiction.”
 — The Independent
“Once you read a Nesbø novel, you’re hooked on this author.”
 — The Chronicle Herald
“If you like Michael Connelly, you’re going to like Jo Nesbø.”
 — ELLE (France)
“The new Raymond Chandler.”
 — Metro (UK)
“Nesbø is a master of grimly fascinating, multi-layered intrigue.”
 — Winnipeg Free Press

“This is not only Norway’s best crime novel. It may be the world’s best.”
 — ABC Nyheter (Norway)

“The best crime novel I have read since the Millennium-trilogy. And more well-written.”
 — Ekstra Bladet (Denmark)

“The eighth Harry Hole novel competes with the very best in the genre. The Leopard is a veritable hyperbole of a suspense novel,…with an intrigue that both grips and rattles the reader from the very first moment.”
 — Dagbladet (Norway)

“Another top-quality crime novel… Jo Nesbø has once again crafted a linguistic fireworks of a book.”
 — Aftenposten (Norway)