Wild Wives

Jake Blake is a private detective short on cash when he meets a rich and beautiful young woman looking to escape her father’s smothering influence. Unfortunately for Jake, the smothering influence includes two thugs hired to protect her—and the woman is in fact not the daughter of the man she wants to escape, but his wife. Now Jake has two angry thugs and one jealous husband on his case. As Jake becomes more deeply involved with this glamorous and possibly crazy woman, he becomes entangled in a web of deceit, intrigue—and multiple murders. Brilliant, sardonic, and full of surprises, Wild Wives is one wild ride.


“Nobody writes like Charles Willeford… . He is an original—funny, weird and wonderful.” –James Crumley

“Elegant, tough, and rhythmic as a championship boxing match.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Willeford has a marvelously deadpan way with losers on both sides of the law.” –The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Wow! He gives you … the viewpoint of the most fascinating asocial trash.” –Tony Hillerman