Delia’s Kitchen Garden

Gay Search Recipes A Beginners’ Guide to Growing & Cooking Fruit and Vegetables

Follow a year in the life of Delia’s kitchen garden while creating your own organic garden. With 56 enticing recipes and 300 colour photographs, it’s sure to be a labour of love.

Delia Smith is Britain’s bestselling food author whose priority has always been the quality and flavour of the ingredients she uses — and nothing comes fresher than produce from your own garden. So when the opportunity arose for her to work with garden expert Gay Search and create her own kitchen garden, she seized the chance.
This beginner’s guide, now in paperback, is for anyone interested in good food — free from pesticides — and who wants to try their hand at growing their own.

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Delia devotes a chapter to each month, with detailed advice on sowing and planting, fruit and vegetable varieties, and how to harvest. With Delia’s failsafe recipes, which use the produce at its peak, this is a wonderful book for novice horticulturists and cooks of all levels.