Thomas King

Thomas King is of Cherokee, Greek, and German descent and is currently chair of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota. His short stories have been widely published throughout the United States and Canada, and a film, based on his much acclaimed first novel Medicine River, has been made for television.


||Kent Monkman, Treason of Images
Land. If you understand nothing else about the history of Indians in North America, you need to understand that the question that really matters is the question of land. An excerpt from Thomas King’s latest book, The Inconvenient Indian .
You don’t have to look far in North American culture to find Dead Indians. ‘Dead’ as in the idea of something that never really existed. From film characters to sports mascots—even in how Native leaders represent themselves to the white world—a feathered headdress is a handy signifier of Indian authenticity. Here, Thomas King surveys the history of the Dead Indian in white culture.